For children at the very start of their school life, the Nursery Class offers well planned activities in a stimulating environment. Our Nursery students are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to learn about the world and their surroundings through a balance of play and structured activities.  By learning to interact with others, these young pupils are gently introduced to the routine and discipline of a school day.  Our Nursery Class provides an ideal first step towards the Reception class in the Infant Department.




In the early stages, great emphasis is placed on creative and practical activities leading to the formation of reading skills and number concepts.Spoken language is strongly encouraged and social behaviour is given special attention with the aim of laying sound foundations.




To meet the demands of the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination, which pupils take in their final year at the school, greater emphasis is placed on Mathematics, Grammar and Comprehension, as well as Reading and Creative Writing.  Our teachers are always in search of new ways to stimulate interest and to facilitate learning.  Social Studies, Science, Religious Education, Art and Craft, Music and Speech, Drama and Information Technology are all included in the curriculum. 


Opportunities for Art and Craft using many different media are provided.  Often it is linked to topic work, which involves reading, writing, number work and sometimes Science and Social Studies.  Class visits to places of interest also may arise from a central theme.  Music and Movement (Infants), Drama, Music and Creative Writing are also important parts of the curriculum.



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Both Infant and Junior children enjoy the benefits of Learning Support Teachers who give special attention to any children showing signs of difficulty with Language Arts or Mathematics.



St. Gabriel's is by tradition an Anglican School and enjoys the benefits of a school Chaplain, who conducts special services, such as Ash Wednesday and Ascension Day, which are held at  the St. Paul Church.Junior assembly is held three times a week and Infant assembly twice a week in the Auditorium.  Religious Education forms part of the Curriculum and the principles and practices of Christianity are upheld.Children of many different religions attend the school and may, if their parents request in writing, be excused from Religious Education



classes have Physical Education lessons.  Sports Days are held in

Term II and are enjoyed by children, parents / guardians, relatives and friends. Physical Education becomes more structured in the Junior Department.  Rounders, football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, athletics and netball are included with coaches attached to the National Sports Council providing

additional coaching in some of the lessons. 

The Top Infants and Junior 1 Classes

(including the younger Junior Learning Support class) also attend swimming lessons once a week (Wednesday mornings) at the Aquatic Centre.



St. Gabriel’s offers several after-school activities: Cubs, Brownies, Cricket, Football, Karate, Table Tennis, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Music Club, School Choirs (mixed and all boys), Steel Band, Drama, Clarinet, Saxophone, Cello, Guitar (Classical and contemporary), Recorder, Boom-whackers, Trombone, Trumpet, Orchestra, Computer Club, French and Chess Club. 


Most extra-curricular activities are available for children from Middle Infants upwards, although some are reserved for Juniors only. Drama and Karate sessions are available for Reception students.

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At St. Gabriel's, we believe strongly that the education of your children should be a joint effort between home and school. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a vital part of the School, a forum for ideas and social interaction.  Members of the PTA help in many, many ways and the parent representatives are relied on by the class teachers for assistance in communicating with parents and helping with trips and projects.  Parent volunteers help with the reading programme, art, sports, canteens and other activities.  The annual St. Gabriel’s School Fair, Dance/Social and Hike are some of the fund-raising events undertaken by the PTA.

If you have an interest in joining the PTA, please indicate this at the main office



Our school encourages parents to actively volunteer.  Our parent volunteers provide extra hands, an extra measure of personal warmth, a valuable resource for teachers, and vital link between the school and the community.  Parents are welcome to approach the teacher and ask how they can assist or a class representative may approach other parents to request their services.  Parent volunteers help with the reading programme, art, sports, canteens and activities

Each class has between one and four parents who volunteer as Parent Class Representatives or "Class Reps".  Class Reps are important links for information and representation, as well as  may organize activities relating to your child's class (events, meeting with teachers, etc.)  If you wish to serve as a Class Rep, let your child's teacher know at the beginning of the term.

 Additionally, if there is a specific talent or interest that you have that you think would be of benefit to the school, please do not hesitate to share it with us.  We actively encourage parental involvement in the education of your children



In the Information Technology department the students engage with computers directly where they learn the basics of the use of computers. In Tops they are taught the basics of logging on as well being introduced to Microsoft Word and Ms paint. In class 1 children continue learn the basics of the Microsoft Suite of programs. They also commence the typing program which spans two years. They use graphics programs to create art work or to illustrate stories they have typed in Microsoft Word. Students are also able to access a number of  programs and games geared towards reinforcing concepts taught in class as well as introducing some new concepts. They are encouraged to do internet research for the purpose of completing projects and composition writing.

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