The Board

St. Gabriel’s is a registered charity: St. Gabriel’s Management Inc. (SGMI) 


The Board of Management comprises eight directors, three of whom are elected for four years, a representative of the PTA elected for two years and the Anglican Church appoints three representatives of Synod.

The Board of Management:

  • Mr. Hamant Lalla - Chairperson
  • Mr.   Kemar Cumberbatch - Vice Chair
  •     - Treasurer
  •       - Secretary /
  • Mr. Antonio Lythcott   - PTA Representative to the Board
  • Mrs. Angela Blackett  - Principal
  • Mr.   Kemar Cumberbatch - (Synod Representative)
  • Mrs. Eleanor Brathwaite     - (Synod Representative)
  • Mrs. Denise Nurse     - (Synod Representative)

The Board meets at least twice a term. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held in Term one.

The Education Committee

Comprising two former educators, the Heads of the Infant and Junior Departments and the Principal, meet to review the work of the school each term.

The Financial Committee

Headed by the Board's Treasurer, ensures that the finances of the school are well managed and effectively employed. We are a not-for-profit charitable Corporation. 

Industrial Relations/ Human Relations Committee

Led by the Chair of the Board, this committee oversees all matters pertaining to employment.

Building Committee-

Led by the Vice-Chair- is responsible for the maintenance of the school plant and grounds, new builds and improvements.

Kemar Cumberbatch