The Principal's Welcome

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Dear  Parents  and  Guardians,
 I  am  indeed  honoured  to  introduce  myself  as  the  Principal  of  St.  Gabriel's  School  and  to  join  this  outstanding community.  I  have  a  proven  32-year  track  record  in  the  education  sector  and  am  known  for  my  entrepreneurial and  intrapreneurial  drive.  I  served  in  school  administration  in  Trinidad  and  Tobago  and  other regions.  I  have  two  beautiful  daughters  and  I  am  proud  of  them.  I  believe  that  the  Caribbean  is  the  basin  of innovation  and  creativity.  The  solutions  to  our  problems  lie  within  us,  we  need  to  look  within  and  lead  ourselves first.
 I am  an  advocate  for  education  because  I  have  seen  it  improve  individuals,  households,  and  communities. Education  as  we  know  it  is  evolving  and  I  strive  to  remain  agile  in  this  dynamic  sector.  In  2021,  I  wrote  the second  edition  of  U.M.P.H  to  assist  weak  writers  to  build  their  confidence  and  master  the  craft  of  writing  stories. I  believe  that  if  we  take  the  time  to  understand  what  motivates  our  children,  we  can  help  them  to  unlock  their potential.  Education  is  my  passion  and  stirs  my  creative  juices,  I  am  always  open  to  learning  and  experimenting to  achieve  positive  student  outcomes.  I  strive  for  success  and  improvement  rather  than  perfection.  I  believe  that we are partners  and  together  we  will  offer  our  students  the  best  of  what  life  has  to  offer.  I  am  excited  about  joining the  St.  Gabriel’s  School  community!

Thank you to my colleagues, pupils, parents and the SGS Board of Directors for making me feel welcomed. I look forward to working with all stakeholders towards maintaining our brand of excellence.

Partner in education,
Deanne Whiskey-John
St. Gabriel's School

Henry's Lane

Lower Collymore Rock

St. Michael