St. Gabriel's School welcomes its new
Ms. Deanne Whiskey-John


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Deanne Whiskey-John

Deanne Whiskey-John was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. Ms. Whiskey-John has held several senior positions during her thirty-two year career, including: Principal, Curriculum Officer, Head of Department, and Secondary and Primary School Teacher; including regional assignments as Principal and Professional Development Consultant.  Ms. Whiskey-John holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad and Tobago and a Bachelor of Science in Business Education with a Minor in Mathematics (Honours) from Andrews University, Michigan. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Administration from the U.W.I. School of Education, Trinidad and Tobago; a Teacher's Diploma in Primary Education; a Teacher's Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education from the U.W.I. Open Campus Trinidad and Tobago; an Events Management Certificate from the George Washington's University and a Certificate in Transformational Leadership Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals from the U.W.I. Open Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. 

She is the proud mother of  two  beautiful  daughters.  She  believes  that  the  Caribbean  is  the basin  of innovation  and  creativity and the  solutions  to  our  problems  lie  within.   She is the author of  U.M.P.H, which was written to  assist  weak  writers  to  build  their  confidence  and master  the  craft  of  writing  stories. She is known  for  her  entrepreneurial and  intrapreneurial drive and is passionate about education. She enjoys  dancing, soca and steelpan music.

Assistant Principal

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Amanda James

Amanda James grew up in England and studied at Brighton University - School of Education. There she acquired a Certificate in Primary Education and a (B.A.) Honours in Professional studies in Learning and Development. Amanda has successfully completed her Postgraduate diploma in Educational leadership.

Amanda has taught for over 12 years, 6 years in U.K. and Africa and 6 years in Barbados.

Amanda started teaching at St Gabriel's School in September 2013 as the Learning Support Teacher for the infant department and is also the Assistant Principal. She has a real passion for teaching and finds teaching extremely rewarding.

Amanda loves to read, enjoys football and is a committee member of  RF Prime Football Academy. She loves to go to live concerts and relax by the sea.

Our Junior Department

These Bios are only brief descriptions of our teachers 

ongoing achievements.

Alexina Chandler 

Alexina Chandler was born in London, England and moved to Barbados when she was 5 years old. She attended St. Gabriel's School and is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, where she gained a B.Sc in Sociology and Psychology and later, an M. Phil in Education. Alexina has a special interest in working with children who need learning support and is currently the Head of Department and class teacher for Junior learning support. Alexina is the past Brown Owl of the Brownie pack at school and works with her Sunday School at church. Alexina holds the position of acting Head of the Junior Department. She has two school aged children - two past students of St. Gabriel's. Alexina enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening and reading.

Sonia Dolphin 

Sonia Dolphin was born in Guyana where she received her primary and secondary education. She later moved to live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and studied at the University of Guelph. She moved with her family to Barbados in 1981.  Sonia has a Diploma in Montessori Education and taught at Happy Vale Montessori School. She was also Deputy Headmistress and teacher at Anka Montessori School, Barbados. Sonia has a Diploma in Special Needs Education from the Erdiston Teachers' Training College and a Certificate in Sign Language. She joined the staff of St Gabriel's School in 1995 and has taught in the Learning Support and the J2 Mainstream classes. She has also worked in the individual learning support sphere and is presently teaching class three.   Sonia enjoys traveling, reading, swimming and interacting with children.

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Kevin King 

Mr. Kevin King is a vocalist, pianist, organist and church choral director who enjoys sharing his passion for music with children and adults through teaching. He has taught music both privately and within Primary and Secondary schools in Barbados for over eight years.

Kevin King holds an Associate Degree in Music with distinction from the Barbados Community College. He has also graduated from the Acadia University (Nova Scotia, Canada) with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education Mr. King will also be teaching the lower Junior Learning Support Curriculum 

Kirsty Lashley 

Kirsty Lashley joined the teaching staff at St. Gabriel's in 1999 when she relocated from England to Barbados. She gained her teaching qualification, a B. Ed.(hons), from Birmingham University, specialising in Art. She also has undertaken some specialised training in Special Needs Education. Kirsty taught the lower Junior (J1 & J2) Learning Support class for ten years, J1 mainstream for 4 years and is currently teaching one of the J4 classes. She has two school aged sons both past scholars of the school.


Joylyn Inniss

Joylyn Inniss joined the St. Gabriel's staff in September, 2002. Before that, she had spent nine years teaching at the secondary level in Guyana, her native land, and three years as a Spanish teacher at the Sunland Lutheran School, Freeport, Grand Bahama (Bahamas). Joylyn served as head of the Foreign Language Department in several schools in Guyana and at Sunland Lutheran School, she developed a Spanish Curriculum for the Nursery, Kindergarten and Elementary Departments while teaching at these levels.  She earned her B.Ed. from Columbus University, (USA) and her M.Ed. from the University of Southern Queensland, (Australia).

Joylyn is active in her church organisation including serving as a Children Ministries Leader, Chaplain and Counsellor of the Adventurer Club. Outside of her professional interests, she travels widely, reads, and loves to create crafts.


Hazel Rose-Guthrie

Hazel Rose-Guthrie received her primary and secondary education in Barbados and is presently pursuing a degree in psychology at U.W.I Cave Hill Campus. She has been working with children for over 7 years. Hazel is also a trained Radio Broadcaster with ten years experience in public speaking and news reading and enjoys coaching children in public speaking. She enjoys dance and is not only a past student of the Barbados Dance Theatre but also a NIFCA bronze medal awardee. She volunteers as an Assistant Instructor for church groups, producing short plays or skits that incorporate mime and basic sign language. Hazel presently works in the Junior Department.

Ross Baird

Ross Baird is a teaching assistant working with junior students.  Mr. Baird has a B.Sc. Accounting degree from the University of the West Indies. He loves teaching children, and working with a team towards a common goal.

Hobbies include: playing/watching football, watching documentaries, kitchen gardening.

Mr. Baird coaches the school's football team and assists on the sustainable garden project.

Annabelle Thornton 

Annabelle Thornton received her primary and secondary schooling in her native Trinidad. Her tertiary education was obtained at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and Mount St. Vincent (Canada) via Erdiston Teachers. Training College. Annabelle holds a Masters degree in Special Education and has a special interest in child psychology and teaching mathematics. She has been teaching for over fifteen years and still remarks on how much she is enjoying it. Her children are former students of St Gabriel's School. She enjoys travelling, dancing and "working-out" at the gym.

Denise Gilkes

Denise Gilkes graduated with a B. Ed. from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada. For the next eight years she worked in grade levels from Nursery to Grade Twelve (ages 4 to 18). While teaching, she was also involved with the City of Winnipeg At Risk Youth Drop-In-In Centres which were located in many areas of the city.

In 2004, she moved to Barbados and worked for another private school for a year. In 2005, Denise joined the staff at St. Gabriel's School.

Annabel Collymore

Annabel Collymore was born in Barbados. She offered her services to St Gabriel's School for the year immediately preceding her 4 years study at teacher training college in England and enjoyed the atmosphere so much, that it seemed only natural to take up a position there on her return as a fully qualified teacher. She obtained her Teaching Certificate from Bishop Otter College, Chichester and was subsequently invited to return to study for her B. Ed. at the same college in conjunction with the University of Sussex. Annabel enjoys working with children on a daily basis and proclaims that her choice of career, although challenging, can never be described as boring or mundane. She also enjoys reading, swimming, photography and walking.

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Shirley Joseph

Mrs. Joseph joined St. Gabriel's as a Top Infant Teacher in 1997 and has taught in both infant and Upper Junior Departments at the school. Prior to this, she studied at the University of North London where she specialised in English, and taught in the United Kingdom before relocating to Barbados.

Currently, Mrs. Joseph teaches Scripture and works with small groups of children who need learning support in the Junior Department. 

She enjoys reading, travelling, hiking and flower arranging.

Justine Wood 

Justine Wood was born and educated in Montreal, Canada and is bi-lingual. She started living in Barbados and teaching at St. Gabriel’s School in 2001 as a Top Infant teacher. Her training in Special Education at the University of Montreal led her to her acting in the role of Learning Support teacher in the Infant Department for a number of years. Justine presently works in the Junior Department. She is married with two children and enjoys going to the beach and dancing.

Amanda Parris 

Amanda Parris received her primary and secondary education in Barbados

Amanda works in the Junior Department and is currently undertaking further studies in Education. 

She enjoys surfing the internet and volleyball. 

Our Infant Staff

Debra Trotman

Debra Trotman was born in Barbados where she completed her Primary and Secondary education at St Angela's and St. Ursula's Schools respectively. She studied at The Academy of Commerce and Technical College in Barbados where she earned a diploma in Business and Secretarial studies. Later, she decided on a career in education. Debra trained to be a teacher at St. Nicholas College in London, England and at Erdiston Teachers Training College in Barbados. Debra has taught children from ages 3 to 7 years old and joined the staff at St. Gabriel's in 1994. Debra enjoys travelling and is an avid reader.

Tennille Bovell

Tennille Bovell received her primary and secondary education in Barbados. She attended the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College where she completed both Level one and two in Early Childhood Education. She joined the St. Gabriel’s staff as a Teaching Assistant in 2009 and has been working in the Infants Department. Tennille has assisted with early morning and after school supervision.

Tamara Baptiste

Tamara Baptiste's love for children propelled her to pursue a career in teaching. Her journey as a teacher began at St. Gabriel's School in 2004 as a part time Teaching Assistant. She holds a B.Sc. (with Honours) in Management with Psychology which she attained from The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Barbados. She also holds an Associate Degree in Mass Communications from The Barbados Community College. Tamara also trained at The Erdiston Teachers Training College and received a certificate in Early Childhood part I (with distinction). She taught the students of the J3 and J4 Learning Support class and she greatly enjoys working with children who need learning support and has a keen interest in the area of Special Education. She is trained in this area and holds a certificate in Special Education. Tamara is married and is a mother of two children. One of her daughters currently attends the school. She is the teacher of one of the Infant classes. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, listening to 80's music and interior decorating.

Edith Moise 

Edith Moise joined the St. Gabriel’s staff as a Teaching Assistant in 2002. She has worked in all of the classes within the Infants’ Department and continues to enjoy her duties. Edith is responsible for the Music programme in the Infant Department. Her musical involvement is however not limited to the Infants but also includes the Junior 4 students. In addition she is the director of the school’s Mixed Choir, and is responsible for the Recorder and the Music Club beginners groups. Edith received her primary and secondary education in Barbados and her training through Erdiston Teachers’ Training College where she completed the ‘Pre-Erdiston In-Training Programme), the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, (Grades 1 – 8 theory and aural). Edith continues her love of music outside of the school as a member of the Myriad Singers of Barbados and as Choir Mistress at St. Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church and Ann Gill Methodist (Youth Choir).

Kelah Straker

Kelah Straker was born, educated and trained in Barbados. She has completed a degree in Psychology and Education at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, worked as a volunteer at the Learning Centre and has been trained by two psychologists to work with students with special needs. Kelah has always wanted to work with children and found working with the very young children at St Gabriel's particularly fulfilling. Kelah currently works in the Infants' department.

Gloria Hollingsworth 

Gloriia Hollingsworth received her primary and secondary education in Barbados and her qualification in Early Childhood Education from Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. She also completed the Youth and Counselling Course from the U.W.I Open Campus. She joined the staff as a teaching assistant in 1982 and has worked in each of the different age groups within the Infant department. She continues to enjoy working with her young charges. Gloria is also an active leader for the youth and is in charge of the Sunday School programme at her church. She has recently completed a Youth and Leadership course, the purpose of which was to better equip her to relate to and cater to the needs of our youth.

Sally Steel 

Sally Steel was born in Barbados and started her schooling here at St. Gabriel's. At age 16 she went to England to complete her secondary education and decided to pursue a degree in teaching, gaining a B. Ed. After qualifying as a teacher she completed a diploma in Management and Administration. On returning to Barbados in 1983, Sally began her teaching career at St. Gabriel’s. During her many years at the school she has taught all age groups within the Infant department and in addition has acted as Head of the Department for two years. Sally still continues to enjoy teaching in the Infant department. Sally has two grown up children who both attended St. Gabriel’s before moving on to Government Secondary Schools. She enjoys travelling, reading and learning of the exploits of the many children who have passed through her classrooms.

Sally is the new head of the infant department.


Natalie Linton

Natalie Linton was born in Barbados and has a long connection with St. Gabriel’s School. Her mother was one of St. Gabriel’s first pupils and not only did Natalie complete her primary education there, but one of her daughters is currently a St. Gabriel’s student. After completing her secondary education at St. Winifred’s School, Natalie studied in London, England, for a Montessori teaching diploma. While in London she worked at a Montessori school and continued her studies for a diploma in the teaching of dyslexic children. After her return to Barbados in 1996, Natalie took up a temporary position at St. Gabriel’s teaching children with learning difficulties. She worked at the Dyslexia Centre for four years and in a Montessori school before returning to St. Gabriel’s in 2001 as a Reception teacher. She currently teaches in the Infant Department.

Cynthia Luke

Cynthia Luke received her primary and secondary education in Barbados and her qualification in Early Childhood Education from Erdiston Teachers’ Training College where she also completed courses in Special Needs and Classroom Management. Cynthia joined the St. Gabriel’s staff as a Teaching Assistant in 1999 and has worked across the entire Infants’ age range. She enjoys working with children to help them achieve their full potential. Cynthia enjoys drawing and painting.

Simone St. Hill 

Simone St. Hill was educated at Merrivale private school, Combermere Secondary School and the Barbados Community College. She then studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in Management at the University of the West Indies graduating with Honours in 1995.

After pursuing a career in banking for 10 years, she decided to fulfil a lifelong desire to teach by completing a Canadian Montessori Teaching Diploma in 2002. Simone taught in a private Montessori school in the British Virgin Islands for 2 years before relocating to Barbados where she continued teaching, joining the staff of St. Gabriel’s in 2006.

Two of her three children have graduated from St. Gabriel’s and one is presently enrolled here. When time permits, Simone enjoys travelling, photography, scrapbooking and tennis. 

Emily Kellman

Emily Kellman was born in Barbados and joined the staff at St.Gabriel’s in September 2014 as a teaching assistant in the Nursery Class. After receiving her primary and secondary education at St. Winifred’s School, Emily worked as a teaching assistant at St. Patrick’s RC Primary School, and St. Angela’s Primary School for one year each respectively. She then travelled to England in 2009 to further her studies. In 2011, she achieved her CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education from Chelmsford College, and subsequently worked at a primary school in the UK for two years. She enjoys baking and spending time with her family and friends

amada james 2018.jpg

Amanda James

Amanda James grew up in England and studied at Brighton University - School of Education. There she acquired a Certificate in Primary Education and a B A Honours in Professional studies in Learning and Development.

Amanda started teaching at St Gabriel's School in September 2013 as the new Learning Support Teacher for the infant department. She has a real passion for teaching and finds teaching extremely rewarding.

Amanda loves to read, goes to live concerts and relaxes by the sea.

Nursery staff

Karen McGuire

Karen McGuire trained in England at Froebel College, London, where she gained her B. Ed. Her first job was at a Nursery school in East London. After two years she went on to open a new Nursery unit in a primary school nearby. She also taught a mixed Reception/Middles class while training a new teacher to work in the nursery. She then moved back to Barbados, her country of birth, with her husband and young daughter and began teaching at St. Gabriel’s school. Her children, three daughters and a son all attended St Gabriel’s. Karen taught Middle and Top Infants for many years. In 2009 she was invited by the Principal to plan the setting up of a Nursery class. The St. Gabriel’s Nursery Class opened in September 2011 with Karen as the first teacher in charge. When she is not at school you can find her on the tennis court.


Maiah Spencer

Maiah is a past scholar of St. Gabriel's School. She studied aesthetics and hair dressing in Bristol, U.K. and worked in the hairdressing industry for a while before returning to Barbados.

Maiah worked at Peter Pan Nursery for 2 years and acquired an Erdiston Early Children Education Certificate. 

Maiah joined St. Gabriel's Teaching Staff in September 2018 as a teaching Assistance.


Cherise Atwell

Cherise Atwell was born and raised in Trinidad where she received her Primary and Secondary school education. While assisting / teaching at Dunross Preparatory School, she attended the London Montessori Centre where she received her Diploma. In 1996 she furthered her studies at the Barbados Community College. Always having a love for children she went on to work at Noah's Ark where she taught for seven years. In 2016 she started a temporary position as an assistant at St. Gabriel's School where she is now presently employed as a teaching assistant in the Nursery. She is married with two daughters and enjoys beach days, photographing sunsets and creating artwork leisurely. 

Infant & Junior Staff

Omar Brathwaite 

Omar Brathwaite is our IT Coordinator. Prior to joining the staff he completed his Associate Degree in Computer Studies at the Barbados Community College. Omar has had experience teaching from Nursery through Class 4 and currently has responsibility for I.T. from Tops to J4. In addition, he is also responsible for maintenance of the computer hardware and network infrastructure at the School. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science at the University of the West Indies. 

Spanish  teacher


Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith’s career as a Physical Education and Science teacher has spanned over 22 years. He furthered his education in several fields of study gaining an Associate Degree In Applied Science (Physical Education), a course which included studies in Rehabilitation Therapy and Pure Science. He has a range of additional qualifications in the area of sports: FINA World Swimming (Pan American Sports Organisation) Levels 1, 2 & 3; Taekwondo (Pan American Sports Organisation) Level 1 and 3rd degree; Wrestling Level one; Canadian and Caribbean coaching Levels 1 & 2; Caribbean Coaching Development Program Levels 1 & 2 and Sports Management Levels 1 & 2. He is also a certified World Paralympics Classifier (Athletics and Swimming). In addition to teaching and coaching many sporting disciplines, Vincent has served in a variety of administrative capacities in several sports organisations. He brings to St. Gabriel’s a wide and varied experience in Physical Education..