St. Gabriel's School is an independent  fee-paying primary school with an established governance structure.  The school is managed, in conjunction with the Principal, by a Board of Management, largely elected by parents and teachers of the School.  We, parents and teachers together, form the charitable corporation known as St. Gabriel's Management Inc.

A capital contribution, which is required of every student entering the School, is payable on acceptance of the offered place.  This is an essential component of the financial structure of the School, which allows us to continue to develop the School's facilities, including the maintenance of existing buildings and construction of new buildings.

A capital contribution, which is non-refundable is due for entry into the school is as follows

A) One not payment of $1800.00 bds for the first child (from September 2019).

B) A payment of $900.00 bds for each additional sibling entering St. Gabriel’s (from September 2019).

This is valid within one year after the first child has left the School.

A DEPOSIT of one Term’s Fees of $3350.00 (from September 2019) is required for Non-National children. This is refundable when he / she leaves the school, provided that one Term’s notice is given in writing in advance


School fees, paid in advance each term, provide finance for all operating costs of the School, including salaries and wages, school maintenance and interest on all bank borrowings.  The rates are as follows:


                                                                            Current Fees since Jan 2017        New Fess from Sept 1 2019

National                                                             $2.000.00 bds. (per term)            $2.150.00 bds. (per term)  

Caricom                                                             $2,650.00 bds.                               $2,800.00 bds.

Non-National                                                    $3,200.00 bds.                               $3,350.00 bds.

Junior Learning Support                                 $2,350.00 bds.                               $2,500.00 bds.

St Gabriel's Teachers and  Anglican Clergy  $1,250.00 bds.                               $2,400.00 bds.                                

In addition to School fees, the following nominal charges are involved each term

Stationery fee: $30.00 bds. (from September 2019) - this covers Art& Craft supplies and writing materials in the Infant Department, and exercise books in the Junior Department

Swimming fee: $80.00 bds.- this applies to swimming lessons and transportation to and from the Aquatic Centre for Top Infants, Junior 1 and Learning Support students only.


PTA fee: $40.00 bds (under review).- subscription to enable the Parent Teacher Association with their fundraising efforts.


Please note:  Nursery fees are the same as above; 10% reduction will be given if you choose ½ day for the term.  The School fees are normally reviewed every two years.

Apart from tuition in the standard curriculum, the fees include the following:

In the Infant Department

*    Music and Movement classes

*    Learning Support classes, where necessary

In the Junior Department

*    Spanish

*    Science classes for J3 and J4

*    Learning Support classes, where necessary

*    Choir and Music Club

*    Drama for J3 and J4

A nominal stationery fee which is invoiced, each term, covers art and craft supplies and writing materials in the Infant Department, and exercise books in the Junior Department. A nominal fee is also invoiced, each term, for swimming lessons for the Top Infant and J1 students.

BDS= Barbados Dollars

School Fees